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the chef

Welcome to My Recipes N Tips!

I am Iram Shahzadi; I have always been passionate about cooking. Growing up in a large family with six siblings, I was often tasked with helping my parents prepare meals for the whole clan. As I grew older, I truly enjoyed experimenting and creating new recipes in the kitchen.

I began experimenting with different ingredients and techniques when I went to college. After much trial and error, I eventually created some truly delicious dishes.

The problem was that I needed to have a way of sharing them with the world when inspiration struck one day!

What if I created my recipe blog? It would be easy to share all of my culinary creations with anyone who wanted to try them out! With this thought in mind, I embarked on my journey as a recipe creator and blogger.

I spent hours every day perfecting each dish before photographing it and adding it to my blog, along with detailed instructions on making it exactly like me.

Today, I am still running her recipe blog, which has been online for several years! Every week brings something new from the kitchen, exciting for readers worldwide who are just looking for their next favorite meal idea!

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