Spiced Cranberry Old Fashioned

Make your own Spiced Cranberry Old Fashioned

Looking for a delicious drink to enjoy during the holiday season? Why not make your own Spiced Cranberry Old Fashioned? This drink is easy to make and perfect for warming up on a cold winter night.

Plus, it’s bound to get you into the Christmas spirit. Ready to give it a try? Keep reading for instructions on how to make this festive cocktail.

Introducing a spiced cranberry old fashioned

Old fashioned cocktail

The old-fashioned is a classic cocktail that has been around for centuries. This version gives the old-fashioned a festive makeover with the addition of spiced cranberries.

The cranberries add a tartness that balances out the sweetness of the whiskey, while the spices give the drink a warm and cozy flavor.

To make this cocktail, muddle a few spiced cranberries in the bottom of a glass, then add your favorite whiskey and a dash of bitters. Then, add some ice and stir. This festive twist on an old classic will become a new holiday tradition. Cheers!

History: Where the drink comes from

The spiced cranberry old fashioned is a delicious and festive twist on a classic cocktail. The drink originated in the United States and was first created in the late 1800s. The original recipe called for cranberries, sugar, water, and cinnamon to be simmered to make syrup.

This syrup was then used to sweeten whiskey or brandy, and the drink was typically garnished with a slice of orange. Over time, the recipe for the spiced cranberry old fashioned has evolved, and today there are many different variations of the drink.

However, the basic ingredients – cranberries, sugar, cinnamon, and spirits – remain the same. Whether you enjoy your old-fashioned with whiskey or brandy, this festive cocktail is sure to put you in the holiday spirit!

Why You’ll Love a spiced cranberry old fashioned

  1. Use good quality bourbon– You want to use a good quality bourbon for this recipe so that the flavor of the bourbon comes through. I like to use Maker’s Mark or Knob Creek bourbon.
  2. Muddle the cranberries– You want to muddle the cranberries so that they release their juices and flavor into the drink. I like to use a wooden muddler, so I don’t end up pulverizing the cranberries.
  3. Add a splash of orange juice– The orange juice adds a nice sweetness and acidity to the drink. I like fresh squeezed orange juice, but you can also use store-bought orange juice.
  4. Use fresh rosemary– The rosemary enhances the drink’s flavor and makes it taste more complex. I like to use fresh rosemary, but you can also use dried rosemary if you don’t have any fresh ones.
  5. Let the drink sit for a few minutes– After adding all of the ingredients, let the drink sit for a few minutes so that the flavors can meld together. It will make for a more well-rounded drink.
  6. Garnish with cranberries and rosemary– I like to garnish my Cranberry Bourbon Smash with cranberries and rosemary because it looks pretty and tastes good too!
  7. Enjoy!- This is the most important step! Make sure to enjoy your Cranberry Bourbon Smash responsibly 🙂

Ingredients for spiced cranberry old fashioned

Cranberry and spices
  1. Spiced cranberry old-fashioned mix 
  2. Bourbon 
  3. Orange 
  4. Maraschino cherry 
  5. Angostura bitters 
  6. Ice 
  7. Garnish (optional)

Step By Step Instructions for spiced cranberry old fashioned

The holidays are a time for celebration and good cheer. What better way to ring in the season than with a deliciously spiced cranberry old-fashioned? This festive drink is sure to get you in the holiday spirit!

Made with just a few simple ingredients, it’s easy to prepare and perfect for warming up on a cold winter night. So grab a mug and salute the season with this delicious drink!


  • 1 oz bourbon
  • 1 oz spiced cranberry syrup
  • 2 dashes of orange bitters
  • 1 orange peel


  1. Combine all ingredients in a shaker filled with ice. 
  2. Shake well and strain into a rocks glass over fresh ice. 
  3. Garnish with an orange peel.
Spiced cranberry old fashioned recipe card

FAQs on spiced cranberry old fashioned

What is the difference between a spiced cranberry old-fashioned and a regular old-fashioned?

The main difference is that spiced cranberry syrup is used in place of sugar. It gives the cocktail a slightly sweeter taste and a festive red color. While both cocktails are delicious, the spiced cranberry old-fashioned is perfect for holiday gatherings and other special occasions.

What is the best bourbon for a spiced cranberry old fashion?

The best bourbon for a spiced cranberry old fashion is one that has a strong flavor. You want to be able to taste the bourbon, not just the cranberries or the spices. A good bourbon will have a woody flavor with hints of vanilla and caramel.

It should also be smooth, not too sweet or too harsh. Buffalo Trace, Knob Creek, and Maker’s Mark are some of the best Bourbons for this drink. These Bourbons have a strong flavor that will stand up to the spices and cranberries in the drink.

What glass do you serve a spiced cranberry old fashioned in?

There are a few different options when it comes to serving a spiced cranberry old fashion. One popular option is to serve it in a standard rocks glass. This type of glass is typically used for spirits on the rocks, and its wide opening allows the drinker to enjoy the full aroma of the drink.

Another option is to serve it in a hurricane glass. This type of glass is taller and narrower than rocks glass, which can help keep the drink colder for longer.

Additionally, many people prefer the look of a hurricane glass when serving an old fashioned. Ultimately, the type of glass you serve your spiced cranberry old fashioned in is up to you.

Expert Tips For for spiced cranberry old fashioned

Old fashioned drink

Use high-quality ingredients

When making any cocktail, it’s essential to use high-quality ingredients. It is especially true for a spiced cranberry old fashioned, as the quality of the whiskey will shine through. Use a good-quality bourbon or rye whiskey for this recipe.

Muddle the cranberries

Muddling the cranberries helps to release their flavor and color into the cocktail. Be sure to muddle them well so that they are completely pulverized.

Add the spices gradually

Start by adding a small amount of each spice, taste the cocktail and add more as desired. It’s easy to go overboard with the spices, so adding them slowly and adjusting them to taste is better.

Use fresh orange juice

Fresh orange juice will add a bright flavor to the cocktail and help balance out the cranberries’ sweetness. Avoid store-bought orange juice, as it will likely be too sweet and will not have the same fresh flavor.

Garnish with an orange twist

A twist of orange peel is the perfect garnish for this cocktail. To make a twist, cut a peel strip from an orange using a vegetable peeler or paring knife. Then, twist the peel over the drink’s surface to release the oils before dropping it in.

Serve immediately

This cocktail is best served immediately after it is made so that the flavors can meld together. If you need to make it ahead of time, mix everything except for the ice and refrigerate until ready to serve. Then, add the ice and stir until well combined before serving.

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